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The Dangers of Buying Toys Online

Internet shopping can be a great time and money saver, but there are also dangers to it. Vintage and collectible toys are available for sale on eBay and similar sites that might not conform to current safety standards.

Here are some features of stuffed animals and toys that may pose dangers to babies and small children.

Flammable stuffing

While new stuffed toys are no longer made with flammable stuffing, collectible toys might still contain these hazardous materials. Some toys can ignite even when on contact with a night-light.

Ribbons, buttons and small removable parts

When gifting a stuffed toy to an infant or toddler, remove ribbons, buttons or other decorative objects that could come loose. These pose choking hazards for children up to age three.

Hair and fur

Dolls and stuffed toys with long hair or fur could pose a threat of suffocation if aspirated by a small child.


Many toys come without batteries for a very good reason. Batteries corrode over time and could potentially leak acid onto a toy and come into contact with a baby’s hands, face, eyes and mouth.


Babies and children who ingest magnets are in danger of choking and intestinal injury and blockage. High-powered magnetic toys are particularly dangerous for small children and should be avoided.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 requires that all toys be certified as safe through these measures:

  • Toys must be manufactured according to standards that are in compliance with all applicable safety requirements.
  • Toys must be tested for compliance before their distribution.
  • Once tested, toys must have a certificate of compliance.
  • Toys that are imported must have a permanent tracking number that is affixed to the toy.

When you purchase a toy online, either from a domestic source or an importer, check for a safety standard certificate. If a toy has injured your child, speak to a products liability attorney about the possibility of pursuing monetary compensation for medical expenses.