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Crashes Due to Cell Phone Use

California Personal Injury Lawyers Investigate Cell Phone Use as the Cause of Your Accident

Holding negligent drivers in Santa Barbara accountable for texting while driving

Several studies have shown that cell phone use impairs driving more than alcohol intoxication while driving. Yet most people do not take cell phone use or texting quite as seriously. As a result, many auto accidents occur every day, resulting in severe injuries or even death, just because the negligent driver was distracted by the phone. At Crane Flores, LLP, we take this type of negligence seriously. We zealously pursue your right to recovery and send a message that cell phone use and driving do not mix.

Statistics on auto accidents where cell phone use was involved

Many drivers think they can multitask while driving. This is especially true when it comes to using their cell phone while in the car. According to the National Safety Council, it is estimated that

  • At least 28 percent of all traffic crashes — or at least 1.6 million crashes each year — involve drivers using cell phones and texting
  • 1.4 million crashes each year involve drivers using cell phones
  • A minimum of 200,000 additional crashes each year involve drivers who are texting

When you are involved in a vehicle accident, we investigate every potential cause, including whether the negligent driver was driving while on the phone.

California’s laws on cell phone use while driving

Drivers are required to use hands-free equipment while talking on their mobile phones. If the driver is younger than 18 years of age, the state mandates that the “novice driver” does not use a wireless telephone, pager, laptop or any other electronic mobile device to speak or text while driving. This applies even if the young driver intends on using a hands-free headset. The only exception to this new rule is in an emergency situations where police, fire or medical authorities need to be called.

A California law, effective January 1, 2013, prohibits a driver of a motor vehicle from writing, sending or reading a text message while driving. There is an exception for voice-operated or hands-free texting, but this exception is under debate and may change soon. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident or truck accident and the other driver was texting when he/she hit you, that party’s negligence is clear and we pursue all available remedies. We know that a wreck can be emotionally and financially overwhelming, so we guide you, step by step, through the process of seeking a monetary award.

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