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How Much Is My Motorcycle Accident Injury Case Worth?

You’ve been injured in an accident, you are sure you will be needing medical attention, and you are unsure of how much you can expect to receive from your motorcycle accident injury claim, leaving you with one question,

“How much is my motorcycle accident injury case?”

The good news is that there is no set amount you will receive and that every case is different. The good news you may ask? The fact that each case is different is great news because if each accident had a set payout amount, you wouldn’t be able to use the expertise of a Ventura County motorcycle accident attorney to help you receive the maximum compensation for your case. All too often we hear about individuals who choose not to work with an attorney and then end up receiving compensation that is much less than they need to cover their damages. This forces them to live a lesser version of their life because of the negligence of another individual.

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It’s not unwarranted for you to want to know the exact amount you can expect to receive, especially when you feel as if justice needs to be served. Hospital bills may be swiftly piling on and you’re probably wondering how and if you will be able to recover the compensation you need to return to your normal life.

While it may seem crucial for you to receive the expected value of your case immediately, it’s important to discuss your case with Crane Flores. Our team of legal professionals will ensure that you are in a place to receive the maximum possible compensation.

Many times, clients are glad they waited instead of settling early because:

  • The client wasn’t aware of how serious their injuries were

  • The client didn’t understand the amount of ongoing treatment and rehabilitation their injuries required

  • The client wasn’t aware they would need to take time away from work to recover

  • The client didn’t understand the impact the accident would have on their mental health

These are all things that you can recover additional compensation for following your motorcycle accident:

  • Past & future medical costs

  • Past & future lost wages

  • Past & future pain and suffering

  • Past & future disability

However, individuals who are in a rush to receive compensation may give up the right to recover on these damages if they sign a release with their insurer, leaving them unable to recover anything further in the future.

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Our team of staunch Ventura County personal injury attorneys has been helping those injured in motorcycle accidents at no fault of their own recover the compensation they deserve for many years. We have been able to prove our clients’ damages to help them receive the maximum possible compensation time and time again.

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