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Things to Know About Direct Insurance Settlements

Avoid the Pitfalls of Entering Negotiations Unrepresented

At Crane Flores, LLP, our attorneys are dedicated to obtaining the maximum compensation possible for victims of personal injury. When we take a case, we work around the clock to establish liability, prove causation, and document the totality of your losses. Unfortunately, many accident victims feel they can negotiate directly with the defendant’s insurance company. They trust that since the culpable party is insured, they’ll get a fair settlement. It doesn’t take long for them to be terribly disappointed, as the insurance company and its attorneys use proven tactics to reduce or deny their claim.

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The Insurance Company Has Legal Representation. Why Shouldn’t You?

Insurance companies love it when plaintiffs represent themselves in negotiations. Most plaintiffs are not fully aware of their rights. They may be very good about detailing such losses as medical bills, property damage, and lost income for the period of their disability, but they’re not equipped to discuss less tangible losses. If you are the least bit doubtful about how much you can ask in compensation for your pain and suffering, you’re not ready to negotiate that issue with a professional who is paid to limit your claim.

Remember, the insurance company has adjustors who will make an initial offer for as little as they can possibly justify. If you contest that amount, they hand your claim off to their legal department, where professionals who know the intricacies of law and procedure, and who spend all day, every day finding ways to limit or deny claims, will focus on getting you to settle for as little as possible.

After an Accident, Contact an Attorney before Speaking to the Insurance Company

At Crane Flores, we understand why accident victims in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Oxnard hesitate to contact attorneys. You want to focus on recovering your health. You don’t want to make a bad situation more complicated. You figure that if you act reasonably, the other side will, too. Unfortunately, that’s not the way the insurance business works. Getting appropriate compensation requires the knowledge and skill that only legal professionals possess.

Our attorneys can help your case in various ways, including by:

  • Investigating the accident
  • Assembling evidence
  • Deposing witnesses, including the defendant(s)
  • Applying our knowledge of settlements and jury verdicts to the circumstances of your case

Finally, because we have a reputation for successfully litigating claims, the insurance companies know we’re not afraid to go to court. This puts additional teeth in negotiations to improve your chances of maximizing your compensation.

It Costs Nothing to Seek Advice from Our Experienced Injury Attorneys

If you are in Ventura, Santa Barbara, or Oxnard, the skilled accident attorneys at Crane Flores, LLP can evaluate your case for free and advise you on a strategy for pursuing your claim. You can rest assured that insurance companies won’t use the same delay and deny tactics on us that they would use if you didn’t have a lawyer.

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