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Spinal Cord Injury Overview

Spinal cord injuries are viewed as some of the most serious because they are associated with various forms of paralysis. As such, it’s often required to pursue compensation for the lifetime costs associated with the damages. Recognizing the types of spinal cord injuries and paralysis is vital to pursuing your case.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

There are four sections of the spine and spinal cord that can be impacted. Where the injury occurs, however, is often the indicating factor of how serious the long-term damages will be.

  • Cervical spinal cord injuries occur closest to your neck, thus, most of the injuries to this part of the spinal cord result in quadriplegia, or the loss of function in all four limbs.
  • Thoracic spinal cord injuries occur just below the cervical spinal cord and it often results in individuals suffering paraplegia, or paralysis in your lower limbs.
  • Lumbar spinal cord injuries occur to the part of the spine that carries the most weight. These injuries can result in paraplegia, as well as trouble with hip and groin functionality.
  • Sacrum spinal cord injuries occur just above the tailbone. Those who suffer these injuries may not lose the ability to walk, but they may need help to do so, and it’s common to experience bowel and bladder control issues.

Types of Paralysis

There are a few different types of paralysis, each of them with the possibility of being complete or incomplete. Complete paralysis means complete loss of functionality while incomplete means there may be minor functionality left.

  • Monoplegia: Paralysis of one limb
  • Hemiplegia: Paralysis of one side of the body
  • Paraplegia: Paralysis of the lower limbs
  • Quadriplegia: Paralysis of all four limbs

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