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Helping victims of motorcycle crashes gain compensation for their injuries

While it only takes a second to be injured in a motorcycle accident, the consequences can last a lifetime. If you have been seriously hurt while riding your bike in California, you need an experienced attorney to protect your interests. At Crane Flores, LLP, we have the knowledge and experience to stand up to insurance companies and get you the compensation you deserve.

California motorcyclists face serious risks and injuries

With its mild weather and beautiful scenery, California is a mecca for motorcycle enthusiasts. Unfortunately, we also have some of the highest motorcycle accident rates in the country. In 2011, more than 400 motorcyclists were killed and nearly 12,000 were injured on California’s roadways.

Motorcycle riders tend to suffer more serious injuries than victims of most other vehicle accidents — even truck accidents. While bikers in Santa Barbara, Oxnard and Ventura are required to wear helmets under California law, there are no seat belts or air bags to protect you. Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries include:

  • Head injuries. Head trauma is the most common injury in a motorcycle wreck. Injuries can range from a concussionto permanent brain damage.
  • Disfigurement. Motorcycle accidents can lead to disfiguring injuries, including burns, facial scars and amputations.
  • Fractures. Motorcycle crash victims are often thrown from their bikes, leading to broken legs, fractured shoulders, cracked ribs and other injuries. The force of the crash or the driver’s contact with the road may also damage tendons, joints and muscles.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Motorcycle riders can suffer a broken back or neck. Spinal cord injuries can lead to permanent or temporary paralysis.
  • Road rash. Injuries that occur when unprotected skin hits the pavement are often called “road rash.” Serious skin abrasions require extensive medical treatments and can result in permanent scars.

All of these injuries can lead to costly medical bills and many hours of missed work time. Victims can also suffer emotional trauma in the wake of a serious crash. No matter what type of injury you have, we can help you recover the compensation you need to handle the challenges in your future. You may be entitled to reimbursement for your medical bills, compensation for pain and suffering from your motorcycle accident injuries, and lost wages.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by someone else’s mistake

Just like pedestrian accidents, most motorcycle accidents can be attributed to careless car drivers. Below are a few common examples:


  • Failure to yield. Because of a motorcycle’s small size, drivers must check carefully before turning or changing lanes.
  • Failure to recognize a motorcycle. If drivers are talking on the phone or otherwise distracted, they often don’t see motorcycles until it is too late.
  • Tailgating. Rear-end motorcycle accidents are often caused by drivers who follow too closely or misjudge the time it takes to stop their vehicle.
  • Left-turn collisions. Drivers can cause serious accidents when they veer into the path of a motorcycle while turning.


Motorcycle accidents have other causes. For example, motorcycles are particularly susceptible crashing on poorly maintained roads, which may have potholes, uneven pavement or other dangerous conditions. In these situations, you can seek compensation from the government entity in charge of maintaining the road. A small percentage of motorcycle accidents are attributed to problems with the rider’s bike or safety gear. When a motorcycle defect is to blame for the accident, you can pursue damages from the maker of the bike.


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