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Workers’ Compensation in Ventura

Experienced Attorneys Fight for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Ventura, CA

Skilled representation for appeals of denied claims and other conflicts

Ventura, California, formally known as the City of San Buenaventura, is a world-class tourist destination because of its beautiful, historic beaches. This picturesque town is also home to more than 100,000 permanent residents who provide the many amenities that make Ventura one of the great coastal towns of California. If you are one of these workers and you’re injured on the job, workers’ compensation should provide the assistance you need for your medical bills and lost income. But if you’ve had trouble getting the benefits you’re entitled to, Crane Flores, LLP can help. Our workers’ comp attorneys draw on more than 40 years of combined experience to guide you through the appeals process. We know how much you and your family rely on your benefits, so we fight as hard as possible to deliver the results you need.

Accessing your workers’ comp benefits in Ventura, CA

Workers’ compensation benefits fall into five basic categories. Depending on the facts of your case, you may be eligible to receive:

  • Medical care — Workers’ comp pays 100 percent of the cost of your reasonable and necessary medical treatment.
  • Temporary disability benefits — If you are unable to work at your usual job, workers’ compensation pays about two-thirds of your lost income.
  • Permanent disability benefits — If you are unable to make a complete recovery, you can receive cash payments based on your degree of disability.
  • Supplemental job displacement benefits — If you are unable to resume your old job because of a permanent disability, you can receive vouchers to pay for retraining or skill enhancement.
  • Death benefits — Workers’ compensation pays benefits to the surviving spouse, children or other dependents when a worker dies as a result of a job-related injury or illness.

Crane Flores helps injured clients with conflicts that can arise related to any of these benefits.

How to know if you are eligible for workers’ compensation in Ventura

California law requires most employers to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. However, employers sometimes try to reduce their costs by ruling workers ineligible when they present a claim. Denied claims also benefit an insurance company’s bottom line. If you’ve been told you are ineligible for workers’ comp benefits, you need to be armed with the facts:

  • Coverage starts on your first day of work — There is no probationary period for workers’ comp: if you’re hurt on your first day of work, you’re still covered. However, the law does not apply to independent contractors, so some employers will deliberately misclassify workers to deny their benefits. Still, it’s not what your employer calls you that matters. You might still prove you have the required employer-employee relationship to qualify for coverage.
  • Workers’ comp pays even if you carelessly injury yourself — Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance program, so you don’t have to prove someone else was at fault or prove you weren’t at fault. However, workers’ comp won’t cover deliberate acts of self-harm or horseplay that violates your company’s policy.
  • The law says your injury or illness must be work related — Under workers’ comp law, a work-related injury must occur during the course of employment and arise out of employment. Usually, the court looks to see if your injury happened while you were doing something that benefited your employer and was connected to specific risks of your job. However, even if you were hurt during a regularly scheduled break, coverage might apply.

When you retain Crane Flores, our lawyers investigate every aspect of your injury or illness to prove your eligibility for benefits. But you must do your part: report your injury promptly so you don’t lose your rights.

Workers’ compensation covers a variety of injuries in Ventura

Ventura’s economy is diverse with major employers in government (County of Ventura and City of San Buenaventura), education (Ventura Unified School District, Ventura College), healthcare (Ventura County Medical Center, Community Memorial Hospital of San Buenaventura, and Meditech Health Services), and technology (Argon ST, a Boeing subsidiary). Because Ventura is also a tourist destination, many jobs are in the hospitality and recreation industries. Workers in Ventura are susceptible to many types of on-the-job injuries and illnesses, which include those caused by:

  • Being struck by or against an object
  • Motor vehicle or machinery accidents
  • Overexertion
  • Repetitive motion
  • Slip or trip and fall accidents

You should file your workers’ comp claim without fear of reprisal: it’s unlawful for your employer to punish or terminate you for exercising your rights. But be sure to file promptly. If you wait 30 days or more to notify your employer, and the delay prevents your employer from investigating the incident that caused your injury, you could lose your right to benefits.

Speak to a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney in Ventura today

If you’ve had your workers’ compensation claim denied or have been frustrated in regard to any other benefit, an experienced lawyer at Crane Flores, LLP can help. Call us today at 805.568.5927 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. Our Ventura office is in the heart of town, just off the Ventura Freeway, about a half mile southeast of Ventura City Hall.


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