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The Insurance Company and Their Tactics to Pay Less

Whenever an accident occurs, the parties involved must go through insurance companies before they can receive compensation. In many situations, the insurance company provides the protection they promise. However, there are times when insurance companies are more concerned about profit than they are about protecting claimants.

When the insurance company receives a claim, they’re looking at any possible angle to lower the settlement amount. They’ll use many tactics that they’ve used many times over the years to pay out as minimal as possible. These are some of the tactics you should look out for.

Recorded Statements

The insurance company may request that you provide them with a recorded statement regarding what happened with the accident. While you may think this is helpful to your claim, the insurance company is more likely trying to get you to contradict what you said in your initial statement. If the insurance company can find a discrepancy in your statements, they’ll try to deny your claim.

Delayed Payments

Insurance companies know you need money after an accident. Because of this, they may try to delay the compensation they pay you in hopes that you’ll take a much lower settlement offer. They’re hoping that you need the money enough that you will settle for whatever they’re willing to offer.

Wrongful Denial

The insurance company may try to claim you were the at-fault party or that their policyholder’s coverage limits the amount you are able to receive. When the insurance wrongfully denies your claim, you can work with an attorney to potentially file a lawsuit to hold them accountable.

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