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Top 3 Road Dangers This Holiday Season

While there are many dangers that exist on the road, the holiday season often sees an increase in crashes. There are numerous reasons for this, though. As a driver, if you intend to be on the road this holiday season, make sure you recognize just how dangerous it can be and the most common dangers you may encounter. These are three of the top road dangers during the holiday season.

1. Changes in Weather

Although most of us have driven in the rain before, it seems like every year the changes in weather bring numerous accidents on the road. Whether it’s because people are driving too fast for the conditions or they fail to maintain their vehicles, these crashes can cause significant harm.

When rainfall hits, it can also be significantly dangerous for inexperienced drivers who have never had to drive in these conditions.

2. Drunk Drivers

The holidays are often a joyous time and celebrations aplenty take place all across the nation. However, this leads to an increase in drunk driving, and past statistics have shown the dangers in the days between Christmas and New Year’s.

The more drunk drivers on the road, the higher the chance for a severe crash to occur.

3. Increased Traffic and Rideshare Drivers

While there are some intoxicated individuals who drive in their inebriated state, some opt for rideshare companies. The increase in these drivers can be helpful, but there still exists the risks of distracted driving, more traffic, more frequent stops on the road, and other problems.

The increase in people traveling for the holidays can also lead to traffic concerns, which is a situation that poses numerous dangers on the highways throughout Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.

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