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Dangers of SR 126 and Commercial Trucks

Although it stretches just 40 miles from Santa Clarita to Ventura, State Route 126 can prove to be dangerous. And while there’s been an effort to add more lanes and keep the 126 a safe highway, it’s often driver negligence that causes some of the most severe accidents on the highway. A crash can have severe consequences with the surplus of large commercial trucks making the trek.

Once given the nickname “Blood Alley,” SR 126 still sees a number of traffic fatalities to this day. It’s vital to recognize some of the biggest dangers involving large commercial trucks and what can cause severe injury.

Elephant Races

State Route 126 has four lanes at most spots, with two lanes going in each direction. This is a potential cause for severe accidents as large commercial trucks attempt to pass one another. It causes traffic and increases the risk of a crash.

Multiple Turns

There are several turns on the 126, some with very little visibility of the oncoming traffic. It becomes really dangerous when someone is speeding, or there are heavy winds in the area.

High Speeds

Despite posted speed limits, many people drive much faster than they should on the 126, including commercial truck drivers. When speed becomes an issue, it can be much more difficult for the truck driver to stop their vehicle, potentially resulting in some of the most severe accidents.

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