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How Do I Stay Safe If I Hydroplane?

As the rain begins to fall, it makes for some dangerous situations on the roads. One of the biggest problems that you may encounter is pooled water that causes you to hydroplane. This is a situation in which your tire(s) lose traction with the road, causing them to spin and potentially making you lose control of your vehicle.

Whenever you encounter this situation, it’s vital to recognize how you can stay safe.

Steps to Take

Defensive driving is crucial. It’s the steps you take that could prevent you from suffering harm in a severe crash. Here are the steps to take if you hydroplane.

  • Stay calm. Don’t panic and try to slam your brakes or turn your steering wheel too much. Instead, slowly ease off the gas and let your vehicle slow down on its own.
  • Don’t turn the steering wheel opposite the slide. When you turn your steering wheel against your slide, you can overcorrect. Once your tires regain traction, the overcorrection can cause further problems.
  • If you hydroplane, be sure to give yourself some time once you regain control. Pull over and take some deep breaths. Regain your composure before you start driving again to ensure you’re safe.

What to Do if Someone Else Hydroplanes Near You

If you notice that someone is losing control of their vehicle, you should be sure to stay safe and avoid anyone who may cause you harm. Stay back and give that driver space to take the necessary steps to stay safe. Unfortunately, the driver may hydroplane because their tires are bad, in which case, their negligence may be the cause of a crash.

At Crane Flores, LLP, we know that weather conditions can impact safety on the road. Our car accident lawyers will work to help you understand your rights if someone else’s negligence causes you harm. Let us stand in your corner and pursue the full compensation you deserve.

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