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5 Steps to Take After a Crash

Whenever a crash occurs, and you suffer significant injuries, it’s vital to recognize your legal rights. Far too often, though, people run into the common pitfalls that make it easy for insurance adjusters to take advantage of vulnerable situations. It becomes imperative to understand the most critical steps you should take after a crash.

Here are five steps that you can take to help you after a collision:

  • Contact a lawyer
  • Report the crash to law enforcement
  • Exchange information
  • Take pictures
  • Get medical care

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Contact a Lawyer

In many situations, you should be sure to contact a lawyer even before dealing with insurance companies. Insurance companies have adjusters who recognize your vulnerable state and try to limit how much they have to pay out. When you work with a lawyer, you get early protection from many of the tactics that insurance adjusters may try to use against you.

Explain everything to a lawyer so that they can start to build your claim. An attorney can guide you through the entire situation with your rights in mind.

Report the Crash to Law Enforcement

You should be sure to call local law enforcement to the crash scene so that they can assess the situation. Law enforcement officers can create an accident report with details provided by all parties, including witness statements and more. An accident report can be crucial, helping you and your legal team prove the other party was negligent and responsible for your damages.

Keep in mind, though; a ticket does not determine fault. You still need to have a lawyer on your side to help you seek the maximum amount of compensation in your case.

Exchange Information

As long as the other driver is cordial and willing to work with you, be sure to exchange information vital to your claim. You should exchange your driver’s license, insurance information, and contact information. The more information you have to file your claim, the better.

If the other driver is being aggressive or not offering up their information, be sure to contact law enforcement who can help you with this part of the process.

Take Pictures

Pictures can be vital pieces of evidence that allow you to maximize your recovery. If you suffer severe injuries, it may be difficult to do this, and you might need to request help. However, the pictures you take can be crucial to your case success and help you show the other party’s liability. Here are the pictures you should take:

  • Photos of the accident scene: Take pictures of where the accident occurred. These photos may show tire marks from heavy braking or other signs of negligence.
  • Photos of the vehicle damage: This includes all vehicles involved in the crash. Showing damage can help an accident reconstructionist show potential angles after a crash.
  • Photos of the visible injuries: Not all injuries are visible, but you should take photos of those that are, including lacerations, broken bones, bruises, and more.

Get Medical Care

Your health should be one of your top priorities after an accident. In many cases, you might not even know you suffered an injury. Seeking medical care after an accident means either seeing a paramedic at the accident scene or going to an emergency room. The sooner you get medical care, the better for your case.

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