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The 3 Distractions While Driving

driver looking at his phone

Driving requires focus and attention. Unfortunately, many drivers are increasingly being distracted by activities inside the car such as talking on the phone, texting, as well as eating. These distractions can be potentially fatal and unfortunately contribute to an increasing rate of accidents every year.

It’s important for drivers to be mindful of their surroundings and remain focused at all times when operating a vehicle, particularly in busy cities where roads can become very congested. Drivers should resist the temptation to multitask while driving and remember that they have a responsibility not only to themselves, but also the other people who share the same roads.

Visual Distractions When Driving

Distracted driving is a major problem on the roads today, and visual distractions are a large part of that. From glancing at your cell phone to rubbernecking to look at an accident or other events, taking your eyes off the road can potentially have life-threatening consequences. It is essential to keep your attention focused solely on the road ahead when you're behind the wheel for your safety and that of everyone else around you.

Remove any potential visual distractions before driving starts and practice defensive driving to avoid collisions with other vehicles. Don't assume that other drivers will make the right decision - be mindful of what is happening around you and take necessary precautionary steps while driving.

Cognitive Distractions When Driving

When driving, it is important to be focused and attentive. Unfortunately, many people often find themselves distracted while behind the wheel due to cognitive distractions. Cognitive distractions happen when a person’s mind wanders away from the task of driving, making them much slower to detect and respond to any sudden changes in traffic conditions or hazards on the road.

This can be especially hazardous if a driver is already under additional stress from an external source, such as an argument or financial troubles. Although these sorts of distractions are hard for the individual to avoid naturally, anyone operating a vehicle should take extra care to recognize when their attention may be off the road and consciously refocus on the task of driving.

Manual Distractions When Driving

Driving is a responsibility that should be taken seriously and with caution, however manual distractions are still widely present. Manual distractions can include adjusting the radio or stereo, picking up dropped items, or even looking for something in the glove box - all of which can impede one's driving ability.

It is imperative to be prepared before getting into the car: music should be selected, any documents that need to be consulted should be accessible, and anything else needed while driving should be placed nearby. When driving it is important to give your full attention to the road and everything happening around you in order to prevent any potential hazards and stay safe on the roads.

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