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Should You Hire An Attorney for Your Case?

Some think hiring an attorney can be time-consuming, costly, and not worth it in the end. The truth is that even though insurance companies claim they can help you without an expert attorney’s help, they’re more concerned with their own profit. They are not worried about making sure you know the fair value of your case. We’re going to explain the importance of hiring Crane Flores, LLP for your case, instead of leaving it up to the insurance company to handle the compensation for your injuries.

  1. You’ll receive more money

The attorneys at Crane Flores, LLP work to maximize the money you receive from your case. A study by the Insurance Research Council* found that people who hired an attorney received three and a half times as much money as people who didn’t hire an attorney and handled the case on their own in collaboration with their insurer.

We never ask you to pay a dime of attorneys’ fees until we achieve a successful result on your behalf. You can trust that a personal injury attorney will handle your case with care and dedication.

  1. You’ll get quality service

We’ve dedicated our practice to helping injured victims, so we don’t ask you to pay fees until we recover your compensation. Insurance companies don’t always provide the same benefit. They are known to take advantage of you, regardless of their friendly demeanor over the phone or warm, fuzzy marketing message. Don’t be fooled by their customer service façade. Their goal is to minimize the money they pay you and they’ll do it with a smile on their face. Our attorneys always provide quality service and won’t mislead you concerning the value of your case.

  1. The experts know what they’re doing

It’s an obvious statement when we say lawyers spend years studying law. They’re trained to know all the details to better serve clients like you, but it’s an important reminder because attorneys are the experts, not the insurance adjusters. Their job is to offer customer service and to find ways to short their customers and save money for their company. Does it sound as if they know what they’re doing when it comes to your case?

  1. You won’t be on your own

Handling your case on your own can become a headache and an additional burden when you are already dealing with pain, injuries, or stress from your accident. With an attorney’s help, you won’t be fighting with insurance adjusters and their lawyers. Our attorneys do the legal work for you and resolve the complications of the case to recover the full value of your case. Insurance company lawyers know how to reduce the value of your case and can even try to deny its occurrence. Once again, they don’t have your best interests at heart. Our seasoned attorneys know how to help you and want to help you. Our priority is getting you a fair compensation that you deserve.

Contact Crane Flores, LLP if you or a loved one has been in an accident for a free consultation today. It is our goal to help those who have suffered or sustained severe injuries from accidents. You can call us any time, day or night, at 805.568.5927. Remember, if you’ve already received an offer from an insurance company, we’ll get you more net cash in your pocket or we won’t take a fee – guaranteed.

* The Insurance Research Council (IRC), an organization supported by property and casualty insurance companies, performed a study that compared the settlements paid to injured persons who hired lawyers with the settlements received by people who handled cases themselves. The IRC study showed that, on average, people who hired a lawyer received three and a half times more money in settlements than those who didn’t hire a lawyer.