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Understanding Wrongful Death Cases

The loss of a loved one is extremely painful for families to deal with and can make it difficult for them to carry on with their daily lives. The emotional hardship is only half of the equation – grieving families must also deal with the increased financial impact that the death creates, such as costs related to the death of the family member or loss of income. We understand the hardships families face in these types of situations and we are here to help you.

In a wrongful death lawsuit, the family may receive economic and non-economic damages. What are economic damages? Financial support, income, loss of gifts or benefits, funeral and burial expenses, and the monetary amount of household services are types of economic damages. Our expert economists help us calculate the financial impact of the death on the family. The job of these experts is to determine the value of a decedent’s lost earnings and their economic contribution to the home. Consider the help you may need after losing a loved one. Will you need to hire someone to help with childcare, grocery shopping, or other chores? You are entitled to compensation for the costs of these services, especially because you cannot be expected to return to your daily life with the loss of help and loss of income. Moreover, it can seem almost impossible to pay for funeral and burial expenses when you are suffering financially, which is why we will help you get what you deserve.

What are non-economic damages? The family’s grief, sorrow, and mental anguish as well as the loss of society and comfort of the decedent. Does money solve the problem? Of course not and we are sensitive to the fact that losing a loved one is not fixable by any amount of money. The human cost of a wrongful death and its effect on a family are incredibly difficult to measure, but we utilize all of our resources to ensure those losses are compensated fairly and fully in every case. We never make exceptions – we will help you through this difficult time.

You deserve representation that will fight for you in these tragic situations in order to alleviate your economic burdens. Crane Flores, LLP dedicates their practice to helping injured victims. Contact our law firm today to arrange a free consultation. We’re available to assist you 24/7 via phone or online to help you navigate the legal system and get the best results during a difficult time.