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What Kind of Attorney Should I Use for my Injury Case?

Were you hit by a careless driver in heavy traffic on the 101 Freeway in Ventura or Santa Barbara? Did you have a fall in Oxnard? These are just a couple examples of the ways our firm can help you. Crane Flores, LLP works on a contingency basis. This means you don’t pay anything out of pocket until you win your case. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t be drowning in attorney fees while we work to win your case.

If you’ve worked with an attorney on a previous case that wasn’t related to the field of accident/injury law, then you may not want to use them for your injury case. Why? At first glance, you might think any lawyer will suffice to help settle your case, but this isn’t true. Think about it this way: most people would never consider going to their family doctor if they needed brain surgery. The same holds true for lawyers working to settle your case. We’re going to review why it’s important to use a seasoned expert for your injury case.

When you take on a big insurance company, you’ll need a team of experts on your side who have settled thousands of cases like yours. They know what to do to get you the compensation you deserve. For example, if you were to hire your family attorney, you may not receive the same amount of money from the case if you were to work with a personal injury attorney. This isn’t because they are skilled in legal matters, but because their area of practice is not focused on accidents or injuries. They don’t have extensive relevant experience when it comes to challenging insurance companies. Crane Flores, LLP has more than 46 years of combined experience settling personal injury cases and standing up to insurance companies on behalf of our clients.

Our seasoned attorneys work daily with insurance companies and stay updated on specialized laws, court decisions, and regulations that could affect your accident or injury case. These specifics are crucial to your case and lawyers who don’t regularly practice in accident/injury law may not be up-to-date on these smaller details. We also understand the complexities of the paperwork. Some legal procedures may be complex and complicated to you, but our attorneys know them inside and out.

Another reason you should use a seasoned expert for you case is that it can reduce your stress about the situation. How so? Dedicated personal injury lawyers aren’t focused on the money they’ll receive – we want to settle your case to help you. You’ll put your case in good hands with a team of dedicated lawyers, and we’ll make sure you understand this during your free consultation. Our expertise allows you to focus on regrouping and healing after your accident or injury, instead of worrying about fighting with your insurance company.

The paperwork and legal jargon may confuse you, but it’s our job to understand it so we can simplify it for you and get your case settled in a timely manner. You should contact a personal injury attorney in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County if you or a loved one has been in an accident to achieve the best results with your accident or injury case. Contact Crane Flores, LLP today to work with lawyers who can help you develop an effective strategy and ensure timely filing of your claim.