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What You Need to Know Before Signing the Insurance Company's Medical Information Release

We’ve made our feelings about insurance companies clear. They take advantage of claimants to increase their profits, and they’re not interested in finding a resolution that works to your benefit. When they want you to sign paperwork with paragraphs of fine print, it’s important to keep your pen away from that signature line until you’ve discussed it with your attorney. We’re going to tell you what you need to know before you sign the insurance company’s information release.

Let’s say you’re injured in a car accident. The insurance company of the driver who hit you is going to send you medical releases to sign in order to get medical information to confirm your injuries. Your first impulse may be to sign the dotted line. Slow down! The other insurance company protects their driver even though they’re at fault – that’s their job. They’re not interested in making your life easier or helping you get more money. The medical release can allow the insurance company access to personal details about your life and medical history. Do you really want that information in the hands of the insurance company? You and your personal injury attorney should review your records and decide which information the other insurance company should have. This information will be relevant in helping you prove your claim.

It’s a little different when your insurance company asks you to sign a medical release. You pay them to protect and cover you in these situations. If you’ve sustained injuries and they’re going to cover the costs of your medical bills, they’ll need to see information that justifies their payment. However, releases for medical records or property damage should only be signed under limited circumstances. It’s important to discuss all the details with your lawyer, research carefully, and closely read anything that you’re going to sign. Once you sign a document and submit it, there’s no turning back. Your signature confirms your understanding of the material, as with any document.

Claims take time to settle. We understand that you want it solved as quickly as possible, and the insurance company will say they want that too, but it’s not in your best interests to rush through the process. The quicker they close the case, the easier their job becomes. Injuries are not always as simple as a bruise or sprained ankle. Some people sustain major injuries from accidents and the effects can last far longer than a few weeks — they can last a lifetime.

Working directly with insurance companies can be time-consuming. Most people end up annoyed after working with them on their own instead of hiring a personal injury attorney to fight for their interests. Our attorneys comb the fine print to help you better understand the details; we’ll work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Everyone wants to close cases quickly, we dedicate our time to make the process as smooth as possible.

You’ll receive personal attention from our diligent advocates with more than 46 years’ combined experience. The attorneys at Crane Flores, LLP will evaluate what you have signed or what you are being asked to sign at no charge. Contact us today if you or a loved one has been injured so we can discuss your case.