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3 Factors in Determining the Value of Pain and Suffering

If you experience a car accident, you run the risk of suffering significant physical injuries. However, in many situations, you may experience mental trauma or pain and suffering that is much worse for you to endure. Because of this, you may experience compensation for your pain and suffering.

Your choice in lawyer is paramount Compensation you recover for pain and suffering falls under non-economic damages. Before you recover anything, you should know what factors determine how much you may recover for these damages.

1. Pain Severity

The more severe your pain is, the more likely you are to suffer from your injuries. You may be able to recover more compensation when you have more severe injuries because of the impact the damages have on your life.

2. Loss of Enjoyment in Life

If your injury prevents you from doing some of the things you once enjoyed prior to your injury, this may factor into your compensation. Your quality of life is important, and any problems you experience can increase your chances of obtaining compensation and how much you can recover.

3. Mental Trauma and Triggers

If you experience mental trauma after your accident, and triggers cause you to endure stress, fear, or other challenging feelings, this can impact your claim. The more triggers you have, the more you may be able to recover because it impacts your life in a negative way.

Pain and suffering compensation is often dependent on how your legal team presents your case. Our car accident attorneys at Crane Flores, LLP are focused on your rights. We go above and beyond when your justice and compensation are at stake. We’ll fight in your corner to help you move forward in the most effective way possible, seeking the maximum compensation available to you.

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