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What Happens to the Human Body in a Crash?

With over two million people suffering significant injuries in car accidents each year, it’s vital for people to recognize just what happens to the human body in a crash. It’s also important to see how important medical care is and why latency issues can be a problem for you following a crash.

In a Head-On Crash

In a head-on collision, seatbelts can be the most important safety. With a seatbelt on, you may suffer severe injuries, including internal organ damage, collapsed lungs, broken bones, and potential head injuries. Without a seatbelt on, you are subject to ejection from the vehicle and severe or fatal injuries are more common.

In a Rear-End Crash

Rear-end collisions are some of the most common that people experience, especially at intersections and in traffic. Far too often, though, the impact can cause whiplash, and some other severe injuries. A rear-end crash can result in a significant concussion, soft tissue damage, compression fractures or broken bones, and herniated discs or other spine injuries.

In a T-Bone Crash

A T-bone crash occurs when another vehicle drives into the side of your vehicle. In these crashes, your vehicle’s frame may crush in towards you causing internal organ damage, broken bones, and more. Whiplash can occur from a side impact crash. If your head moves back and forth, you may also hit it on your vehicle’s frame, causing significant trauma to your brain.

In Any Accident

Car crashes of any kind can lead to significant physical injuries. However, you may also experience shock and adrenaline, increased heart rate, and more. While you may not feel your injuries immediately, never make any statements that you don’t have an injury until you seek medical care for your damages.

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