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4 Common Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents

As much fun as a swimming pool can be, it can also be a dangerous place if safety is not kept as the top priority. If a pool has been constructed correctly and the adults using the pool are being safety-minded, then the average swimming pool is quite safe. On the other hand, pool defects and general negligence among swimmers can make any swimming pool a hazard that could lead to some serious accidents and injuries.

Four hazards that can happen at any pool when safety is not prioritized are:

  • Drowning: The most obvious danger of a swimming pool is drowning. To prevent drowning, public swimming pools need to be monitored by trained lifeguards. If no lifeguard is present, then signage must be placed to notify the pool-goers, which lets parents know that they cannot leave their children unattended. Private swimming pools in backyards should be completely secured from any children that might walk through the neighborhood or visit the home. Multiple locking gates and pool covers should be installed.
  • Slip and fall hazards: The risk of slipping and falling while at a pool increases while running. Children should always be instructed to never run while at the pool. Slipping and falling on the tile can cause various injuries, like lacerations and bone breaks. Falling into the pool after slipping and striking your head also makes a significant drowning hazard. Anti-slip materials can be used around a pool perimeter to help reduce the chances of a slip and fall injury.
  • Defective drains: In the past, some pool drains were strong enough to trap a young, inexperienced swimmer against it due to the suction force, which could drown them. There are also reports of drains causing severe lacerations to swimmers who inadvertently place a body part directly against it. Modern drains are designed in a double-drain system to prevent lacerations and powerful suction forces. However, a defect in the design could cause the previously common dangers to resurface.
  • Incorrect decontaminant use: Swimming pools need to be sterilized with a decontamination agent. Chlorine is commonly used for this purpose. Adding the incorrect amount of a decontamination agent can be dangerous to swimmers, though. Too much chlorine, for example, can cause skin and eye irritation, as well as sickness if the water is swallowed. On the other side of the spectrum, not enough chlorine can allow harmful bacteria to develop in the water, causing severe illnesses to people with weak immune systems.

Can You Sue Someone for a Swimming Pool Injury?

Yes, if your swimming pool accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you can sue them for compensation related to your damages. For example, if you suffered a near-fatal drowning because the lifeguard on duty was not paying attention, then you could file a claim against their employer. Or if you were injured by a defective pool drain, then you could sue the manufacturer if the defect was caused by design or during the manufacturing process.

Figuring out who you can hold liable for your swimming pool can be difficult, as there might be multiple liable parties. Working with a local personal injury attorney is always recommended.

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