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Who Is Liable In Boating Accidents?

Boating accidents are often some of the most severe. They can result in catastrophic injuries and lifelong disabilities. Like a crash on land, you need to know who you can hold accountable for the damages you sustain in a boating accident.

Our boating accident lawyers are here to help. As we call Ventura County and Santa Barbara County our home, we know several of our neighbors enjoy boating. We want you to understand who may be held liable if they cause you to suffer a severe injury in a boating crash. Here are the various parties who may be held accountable:

Boat Operators

Boat operators can be negligent in several different ways, including:

  • Intoxication
  • Speeding
  • Distractions
  • Disobeying laws

Unfortunately, many boat operators do things that impair their judgment. A large majority of boat crashes occur because of operator negligence.

Boat Owners

In some situations, the boat owner can be liable, even if they’re not on the boat. A boat owner who doesn’t maintain the boat or leaves it in an unsafe condition can hold some responsibility for a crash that may occur.

Rental Companies

Some people rent boats whenever they are on vacation. It’s up to the rental company to ensure they maintain the boat and keep it safe for operation. If a crash occurs because of an oversight by the rental company, the injured party may hold the rental company accountable for the damages.

Passengers On the Boat

While a driver must focus on the waters around them, if a passenger is reckless and causes a distraction, they may be accountable for a crash. Another passenger may be responsible for pushing someone overboard, causing a problem with the boat, or intentionally causing the operator to lose control of the boat and crash.

Our boating accident lawyers at Crane Flores, LLP work to help our clients get the results they need and deserve. We aim to pursue maximum compensation when our clients deserve it. Trust that we’ll be your advocates and partners against negligence.

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