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What Are the Basic Rules of Boating?

Staying safe is imperative whenever you get your boat on the water. As such, there are basic rules of boating that help allow you to stay as safe as possible. Unfortunately, far too many boat operators put the safety of others on the back burner. They don’t follow the basic rules of boating, and it often leads to catastrophic harm. Below, we’ll help you recognize some of the basic rules to keep you safe.

  • No-wake zones: You must slow down enough to continue your travels without creating a wake behind the boat in a no-wake zone. It’s crucial to follow these rules with so many boats in these areas and close to shore.
  • Passing other boats: If you approach another boat, the standard rule is to pass port-side to port-side. You should stay to the right of the other boat so that they are to your left.
  • Approaching at a crossing situation: If you are traveling north on the water with another boat traveling east, the boat to the right should go first.
  • Distance between ships: If you see other ships around, it helps to ensure there are roughly 100 feet in between the two of you. Traveling too closely can create numerous dangers, potentially causing a crash and resulting in severe injuries.
  • Emergency situations: If the vessel to the left is not giving way, don’t turn to your left. Your evasive maneuver should be to the starboard side (the right).

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