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Can I Settle My Claim Privately?

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In the moments after a car accident, you and the driver you believe to be responsible will discuss and exchange information. One problem that may arise is if the other driver attempts to settle your car accident with you outside of insurance companies. They may say they’ll pay you the amount for your damages but request that you not report your car accident to the insurance company.

If you agree to settle your case privately, it can be a dangerous situation. It’s vital to recognize why someone may want to settle the claim outside of insurance companies and why it’s in your best interests to avoid doing so.

Why Would Someone Want to Settle a Claim Privately?

Going through insurance companies is the safest way to pursue compensation. However, the negligent driver responsible for the accident risks having their insurance rates increase significantly. They are considered a liability, and insurance companies may try to charge them more in monthly premiums because of their actions.

If someone wants to protect themselves from insurance companies, they might not want their insurance provider to know about your car accident.

Why You Should Avoid Private Settlements

Taking a claim and handling your settlement without insurance companies puts you at risk. Latency issues can cause you to experience the pain from your injuries after days or weeks following the collision. You may not be able to get as much as you deserve because the other individual may not value your losses in the same way you would.

It’s crucial to recognize your rights. It’s always best to go through the legal avenues that help you pursue maximum compensation.

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