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Car Accident Injuries & Latency

Severe injuries in car accidents are far too common. However, there are situations in which a person sustains an injury, and they don’t experience the pain for days after the accident occurs. It is referred to as a latency injury when someone doesn’t experience pain immediately. These situations often impact car accident claims more often than you would think.

You should understand the critical reasons to seek medical care. Unfortunately, a latency issue can lead to insurance adjusters taking advantage of your situation if you don’t seek treatment quickly.

How Do Insurance Adjusters Use Latency to Their Advantage?

When you have a latency issue, you may take days or even weeks to seek medical care. During this time, insurance adjusters may look for any possible way to minimize your compensation. Because you didn’t seek medical care right away, insurance adjusters may try to say that you didn’t suffer a severe injury or the injury occurred in a separate incident.

Insurance adjusters might consider your delay as a good enough reason to minimize how much you recover or even deny your claim entirely.

How Can You Protect Your Rights?

It’s encouraged to seek medical care as quickly as possible following an accident. Injuries can appear minor, but you wouldn’t know the significant damage unless you receive a proper diagnosis. To protect yourself from insurance adjusters who care more about profit, it’s best to put your health first and seek medical care when it matters most.

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