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Fatal Crash Between Ventura and Oxnard


We discovered a story in the news last week about a fatal crash that occurred on the Harbor Boulevard bridge between Ventura and Oxnard. The outcome was disastrous: two were killed from a head-on collision at about 2:00AM. The VC Star reported, “A 33-year-old man was driving a 2008 Toyota Camry north and swung into the southbound lanes for reasons still under investigation.”

The southbound car contained two people, a 44-year-old male driver and a 43-year-old female passenger. The car that crashed into the two passengers flipped over and was then “engulfed in flames.” The officers tried to put the fire out, but were unable to extinguish the flames until the Ventura County Fire Department arrived.

Sadly, the Toyota driver and the female passenger in the southbound vehicle were pronounced dead at the scene. The male driver of the other vehicle was taken to the hospital and suffered major injuries. The accident is still under investigation, but it demonstrates a prime example of the importance of defensive driving.

Accidents like this can be avoided, but there are a few precautions that need to be taken. Try to stay off the road at later hours when it’s dark and drivers are likely to be tired. Driving later at night also increases the chances of running into drunk drivers.

Sometimes an accident happens so quickly that a person is unable to react quickly to determine a safe way to get out of a dangerous situation. Even if we take every precaution, accidents will happen, but we will fight for you to get you what you deserve. You shouldn’t have to pay for other people’s mistakes. We’ve dedicated our practice to helping injured victims, and we want to help you. Contact us today for a free consultation.